C1780 Venetian Landscape after Marieschi (or Guardi !)Oil on Canvas


This painting (72 cm by 96cm) would be perfect for "Fake or Fortune" . I can tell you it is a late 18th century painting. I believe it is by one of the many English artists who painted copies of Canalletto, Michele Marieschi and Francesco Guardi works. The three were contemporaries, supplying the rich English tourists with oil painting scenes of Venice.

Our painting has "Mareschi" written on the 18th century stretcher at the back, and this scene clearly relates to many of his works which are illustrated in the bible about Marieschi, itself a rare book, which, naturally, we have. There is an almost identical scene attributed to Guardi,(the brighter illustration pictured), but I think the attribution is wrong, and that it is by Marieschi. It certainly relates closely to other Marieschi scenes, but not to Guardi's other work.

At any rate this is a decorative and substantial Old Master (painted prior to 1880) that still celebrates the magic of early 18th century Venice. Ours has been cleaned using several hundred cotton tips and there is substantial new inpainting along the lower 5 cms. It is presently in its gilt frame liner only. A flash new frame would be a great improvement.


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