C1781-1783 Augsburg Silver Candlestick by Johann Philipp Heckenaur

$6,000.00 the rare set of one.

This very splendid Louis Xvi style and period silver candlestick is hallmarked for Augsburg, now in Germany, 1781-1783, and has the  makers mark for Johann Philipp Hackenaur (1705-1793). He became a Master in 1741. The candlestick is 29.5 cm tall and 15.7 cm wide at the base. 930 grams.

It bears a cast-in coat of arms featuring quarterings, the top left and bottom right appear to be cannons with a bird on top(?) The top right and lower left appear to have an archangel, with raised sword in its right hand and a shield in its left. The ermine mantle is surmounted with a closed Royal crown. (Anyone have an Almanac de Gotta? A terrible omission of my library.)

An identical set of four candlesticks by Hackenaur were sold at Christies, Lot 5, The Exceptional Sale 2014, London, Thursday, July 10, 2014. Estimate 120,000 GBP-180,000 GBP. so about A$60,000+ each.  I think it is very likely these and our candlestick were part of the same set. They also have a cast-in armorial. The set of four was 3,634 grams, average weight of 908 grams, and ours is 930 grams, which is within tolerances for those days.

Its Australia: land of bargains!


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