C1790 Mahogany and Brass Louis XVI Gueridon /Wine Table


This magnificent Louis XVI period, C1790, French gueridon or wine table is in mahogany, enriched with brass moulding. The Oriental turned up toes of this table are typical of the period, and it retains its original wooden casters. It has just returned from several years with the restorer and has been returned to its original 18th century glamour. 78 cm in diameter and 77 cm tall.

Many similar tables  have marble tops with brass galleries or leather inlay. The mahogany top, and indeed, the very use of mahogany in France, is due to English influence. In the last decades off the last century much study went into separating English and French furniture. Initially scholarship focused on revealing that much 19th furniture previously thought to be French made, was in fact made in England. The following decade was devoted to uncovering the considerable quantities of 18th century furniture hitherto assumed to be English, that was actually French in manufacture. Even today much Dutch and Danish furniture is listed as English and the French style was made throughout Europe and parts of the US from the 1660s to the late 19th century, so confusion is understandable.

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