C1791 George III Gold Mourning Ring for Elizabeth Moffat (c1737-1791), wife of William Moffat MP (@Camberwell)


Elizabeth Bowland married William Moffat in about 1766. William was a banker, merchant and owner of several ships that sailed to India and China, under the auspices of the East India Company. William and Elizabeth lived in Bloomsbury, and had three children: Elizabeth Moffat (1771–1799), William Moffat, Jnr (1774–1851) and Margaret Thorold Moffat (1775–1794). After Elizabeth's death on the 13th January, 1791, William married Elizabeth Harrington (1771-1843)  In 1799 William bought a country estate, "Painshill", in Surrey. (House is demolished, but the famous 18th century park by Hamilton is open to the public). William was a Member of Parliament from 1802 to 1806.

There would have been identical rings for each of the three children. They would have been financed by bequest of Elizabeth or paid for by William. The ring contains woven hair from Elizabeth, under a crystal slide. The oval border says "To the memory of my beloved mother." Black enamel is used in the border. (White or blue was used for mourning children.) The ring is 18ct gold, with the interior inscription,"Elizabeth Moffat 13 June 1791aged 53". The ring size is K and it weighs 5.46 grams.


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