C1795 French Directoire/Louis XVI Voyeuse or Gambling Chair


On the left: French, now upholstered in yellow lampas with a down cushion. This resembles a prie dieu, a praying chair, and is used the same way: one kneels on thee chair with arms on the padded back. However, the vouyeuse was made to allow spectators at card tables to enjoy their friends' gambling. Perfect now for hanging one's Armani suit at night, and sitting low to tie difficult shoe laces.

On the right is a similar chair in the Carnavalet Museum, in Paris, with the room in which it sands also shown.

Nevertheless, we will be closing the Bricks and Mortar shop in Clifton Hill at Christmas, and will be trading online only next year, so we need to diminish our stock of furniture. We also have some very grand museum pieces  to bring into the shop from the restorers' workshops. Hence there are wonderful bargains to be had!

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