C1795 French Revolution, Directoire Begere Armchair and Later Copy


One of these luxurious armchairs was made in Paris C1795, during the French Revolution. The late 18th century original has been made into a pair, probably about 100 years ago, by having  an identical one made to match. This would be prohibitively expensive these days. 

The shape is based on chariot of ancient times. The curve of the back, and its slender appearance due to the upholstery inback, with the exposed strut, provides an elegance seldom achieved in today’s furniture. The extensive but subtle carving is particularly attractive.

We specially ordered the French Revolution themed fabric to be printed on durable cotton canvas in America for these chairs. Souvenirs of a climactic moment in history, these comfortable chairs will be a talking point in any home. 

These are capacious chairs at 91 cm tall,  89 cm wide and 72 cm deep. Now reglued, polished, re-upholstered and recovered. Robust, ancient, comfortable, big, historic and gorgeous!

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