C1795 French Revolutionary Directoire Fauteuil Armchair


Graceful and elegant, this late 18th century French armchair is the epitome of Directoire style. The Revolution may have been in full swing, but style was not abandoned. Lavishly gilded, silk upholstered furniture was likely to send you to the Guillotine during The Terror, under the 5 man Directoire government, so printed cotton and waxed wood were safer choices. This chair in polished beechwood would hardly condemn its owner, as it relies on its elegant form, rather than costly decoration for its appeal. While the upholstery fabric is not typical of the period, it is suitably unostentatious.

The interior space between the arm terminals is 50 cm and the effective sitting depth is 40 cm( from the front of the seat to the upholstered back.)

Genuine 18th century French antiques, even the grandest, have a robustness and earthiness that the often vapid 19th and 20th century copies usually lack. Just as the original art work is more vital than the copy, original pieces from when they were in the very latest, never-before-seen style, have a vivacity that does not imbue the later reproductions, even the antique ones.

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