C1800 18th Century Pair Embroidered Silk Pictures

$1,275.00 the PAIR

Made at the tail end of the 18th century, these George III embroidered silk pictures are mounted in new frames. The frames are 34 cm by 39 cm. The silk pictures are embroidered with silk thread to form the background and clothes, while the faces and the flesh areas are painted on silk fabric. These are in fabulous condition: unfaded and unfractured. The silk fabric will deteriorate with exposure to direct sun or strong sunlight, and silk pictures often have the faces missing or damaged. These need to be s displayed in a darkish room. These represent two of the Seasons.

Silk is self destructive. It is a hollow fillament with a corrosive within. Sunlight activates the corrosive and the silk rots. Silk likes cool and dark, when it will endure for many centuries.

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