C1800 French Ormolu Figural Candlestick featuring a Classical Male Archer, Apollo


Dating from somewhere from late Louis XVI to Consulat, so 1790 t0 1804, this wonderful candlestick is gilded bronze with a very attractive patina. The base is the customary plinth of a low square platform supporting a fluted columnar drum. On this stands a finely sculpted and chiselled figure os a classical god with bow and quiver, probably Apollo. Sprouting from his head in the usual entertaining but practical way is a bobeche and candle socket. Apollo is wearing an artfully draped scarf that leaves his buttocks bare, so callipygian is clearly the right adjective.

The whole candlestick stands 25.5 cm tall.

Bronze is comparatively viscous when being cast, so it is both difficult to cast and requires hand chiselling to refine the detail after casting. So the finesse of the chiselling is always an important indicator of quality.

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