C1800 George III Agate and Gilt Brass Box


Tiny and wonderful, this dome topped agate box is held together by a cage of engraved gilded brass. The lid is hinged. The base has been replaced long ago with a piece of Victorian glass. Only 6.3 cm long, 3 cm tall and 2.3 cm deep, it is perfect for pocket or handbag. This box has a paper label inside that states: "Genuine antique and agate, Flockard & Son, Established 1814, 355 Oxford St W1 etc." This appears to be Edwardian: early 20th century.

Small precious objects such as this are often the product of two countries. The German countries (and to a lesser extent Scotland)  were the centre of the lapidary trade so they supplied the finished precious stone parts to other countries that then completed the product locally. So English or Swedish knives would have German agate handles and so forth.

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