C1800 Rare French Directoire Retour d’Egypte Bronze Caryatid Candlestick

$925.00 of exotic illumination.

This delightful, single, bronze figural candlestick shows remnants of gilding to the candle nozzle and the columnar base. The patination is enticing. The Egyptian female figure refers to the military tour of Egypt Napoleon made in 1798-1801 , when he was still a General. The Egyptian style became a fashion in Paris at this time. Little remains of Retour d'Egypte interior design: one bathroom, I believe. However, there are still scattered items of decorative art, and some architecture. The facade of one entrance to the Passage du Caire shows wonderful sculptures of Hathor (see image). The oldest shopping arcade in Paris, it was built in 1798. I have had the good fortune to stay in an apartment over one of the shops midway in the passage. As the passage is locked at night, it was the quietest place I have ever been in Paris.

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