C1800 Spectacular and Rare Large Chandelier (originally for candles)


Probably Italian, this large and impressive chandllier was made at the end of the 18th century or the start of the 19th century, C1800. It was originally lit by candles. Chandeliers of this size were objects of extreme cost and luxury at the time, and are still rare and precious. It was converted to electricity long ago, and about 20 years ago we had it rewired to conform to Australia's demanding electrical safety standards. Anyone who has ben to the shop will have admired it, as it illuminates the front showroom, for silver. It has been a treasured shop fitting. However, since the B&M shop will be closing on Christmas Eve, it is now for sale. 95 % of the business is online, so we will only be be closing the 5% the shop delivers. Unfortunately, the shop represents 95% of our overheads!

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