C1800 very damaged Berlin Coffee Can, Finely Painted.


The Louvre has not yet thrown out the Venus de Milo! I am not prejudiced against broken or damaged things is they are still beautiful or interesting. This once grand Berlin porcelain coffee can has suffered in the last two centuries. The handle is a complete replacement. There is a large crack running through the cup. However, the exquisite painting of a Temple of Love, such as the one at Chateau du Versailles*, in a white reserve, and framed by fine gilding, is surely enough to warrant its preservation. Of course, in this case the temple is labelled a "Temple of Friendship".  "à jamais" means "for ever". Wonderful sentiments! The can stands 6 cm tall and has a diameter of 6.4 cm. 

*There is also a Temple of the Winds of this style in Melbourne's Botanical gardens, since we cannot get to Versailles at present.

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