C1805 Georgian Regency Sterling Silver Telescopic candlestick by Richard Morton & Co

$875.00 with fascinating crest.

Hallmarked for Sheffield 1805, this telescopic candlestick is by Richard Morton & Co, It is weighted, so it is very stable. The decoration is restricted to border gadrooning and the family crest.

The crest is the head of a man with  a bandeau and an Amish style beard (no "military" moustache). I can find no exact match in British crests. However, it is close to that shared by some branches of the the Bayn, Topper, Chesney, Irby, Jones and Norton families.

However, it does look very much like a different crest, that of an African slave, which is without the beard. Given the slave trade abolitionists prominence  around 1805*, it may be that this is the crest that has been made PC with the beard! What fun!  While crests can be common to several family branches, the individual is expressed by the three parts of the armorial: crest, shield and motto. There is usually no room for the whole catastrophe, so crests are the usual part encountered.   This African crest is unique to the relevant Den family.

18 plus cm tall and 11 cm in diameter.

*Britain had the largest slave trading industry in the 18th century and it was formally, but ineffectually, banned by Parliament in 1833, covering all British territories. The Australian Federal Government had to ban it in this country in 1901, but slaves were still coming in in 1904. Aboriginal slavery continued long after that. There are still occasional cases of enslaves persons here. Many British fortunes were made from slave trading or from plantations and mines in the Colonies. A  crest alteration would be tactful as attitudes changed.

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