C1810 Oil on Canvas Portrait Painting of a Gentleman


Painted between about 1800 and 1820, but more likely closer to 1800, this elegant Georgian portrait of a gentleman is framed in a 20th century frame of the right Rococo revival style. The frame is 81 cm by 98 cm. The hair is a bit small for 1820, when hair was worn longer and fluffier, but our gentleman may have been conservative. The double breasted jacket with gold or gilt figural buttons and high shawl collar is the top of a tailcoat. The white stock is worn inside the high white shirt collar flaps. This is exactly right for 1800. The mystery pole painted to the left of our gentleman is not a tree or his walking cane. I think it is most likely a mast, indicating his wealth is derived either from the navy or commercial shipping. Great fortunes could be made in either and many non-eldest sons of the gentry took to the sea to make their fortunes. Clearly he was a success as a portrait of this quality was a not a small expense.


N.B. There is a small dint which, when he is available form our other pressing projects, our painting restorer will attend to.

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