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C1820 Biedermeier Silver Traveling Cutlery


C1820 Biedermeier Silver Traveling Cutlery

This knife, fork and spoon is in its original red Morocco leather box. The silver is by either Jean Jacques Godet (1770-1847) or his son Jean Frederich Godet (1798-1865), who worked in Berlin, Prussia. The firm was founded in 1760 and survived till the 20th century. The primary assay master, J.C. S Kessner, whose mark is the K behind the Berlin bear, was in office 1819 to 1854. The secondary assay aster, B.G.F. Andreack, whose mark is an A in a circle, was in office 1819 to 1842. The style of the cutlery suggests a date early in that period, say about 1820.

There is a simple armorial engraved on each piece. The shield has a single diagonal bar, and a helm surmounts it. As the helm is surmounted by a coronet with five pearls, the rank of the original owner was that of Count.

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