C1820 Charles X Vieux Paris (Old Paris) Porcelain Basket Corbeille

$395.00 for a taste of Restauration Paris

This pierced, hard paste, Vieux Paris porcelain basket or corbeille, is in excellent condition. There are no cracks or chips or repairs. However, the Old Paris gilding is always very fugitive, and it is showing the usual wear on this piece. It is 13.5 cm tall and 24 cm in diameter. I love Vieux Paris porcelain and have a number of these baskets of my own. A decade ago you could still buy pieces at reasonable prices in Paris and New Orleans (a French colony), but that has all gone. Now we wait for the occasional pice to turn up here at a reasonable price. I would be astonished if you could get this at a comparable price at either of those places now. See Lucullus in New Orleans (a wonderful food service oriented shop) for some pieces available there.

Much white and gold Vieux Paris was produced by the factories within the walls of Paris during the Restauration period: the return to the throne of the family of Louis XVI (a good man but a bad king, as so often happens). The most common is all white with a gilded border, a pattern called Anneau d'Or or Ring of Gold.

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