C1820 Charles X Vieux Paris Porcelain Dolphin Comport

$1,350.00 of marine magnificence

A spectacular comport or centrepiece for a table or cabinet, this Vieux Paris porcelain contrasts matte bisque white porcelain with glazed glossy white porcelain, and shiny 24 ct gold. A gilded tripartite platform base is decorated with white bas reliefs. Above that are three shiny, white dolphins entwined so as to support the bowl. The bowl resembles acanthus leaves, in white bisque, and the pierced basket top is gilded. Made within the walls of Paris (now the Periferique) this embodies the style and elan of that wonderful city. Old Paris porcelains (Vieux Paris) are seldom marked, so we do not yet know the maker of this splendid art work.

20 cm tall and 22 cm diameter.

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