C1820 Desk Armchair by Jean-Joseph Chapuis (1765-1864), Signed.

$3,950.00 the signed Empire marvel.

A mahogany Empire period desk chair by Chapuis, polished up with new Classical textile covering, specially printed for this chair in the USA. The upholstery structure is original. Signed on the back of the rear seat rail, an idiosyncrasy that can be seen in several museum examples.

Jean-Joseph Chapuis was born in Brussels in 1765 and died there in 1864. He was trained, however, in Paris, where he became a master craftsman, entitling him to use a personal mark (estampille) on his work. He had set up his workshop in his home town (rue de Borgval then rue de Loxum) by 1795 and kept it active to 1830, regularly applying his mark on the pieces of furniture that he made.
Supplier of the Royal Palace of Laeken, in 1805 he was responsible for carrying out the furniture inventory of the château de
Schonenberg in Laeken. Listed in the Almanac du Commerce until 1824, he worked until 1830.

Represented in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the museum of Vleeshuis in Antwerp. The museum of Saint-Josse, ten, Noode, Brussels, Belgium, is the only one to possess several marked pieces of Chapuis's furniture.

See D. Ledoux-Lebard, Le Mobilier Francais du XIXe Siecle, Les éditions de l'amateur, 1984, pp. 118-121.

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