C1820 French Charles X Mahogany and Brass Table


This attention seeking, early 19th century French table has a hinged lid that contains a mirror, with various compartments. Below this is a single drawer, whose lock is missing. The mahogany is enriched with extensive brass mouldings, including on the X-form legs and turned and reeded stretcher.

73.5 cm tall, 53.5 cm wide and 36 cm deep.

Charles X (king 1824-30) was the second of the brothers of Louis XVI to sit on the throne of France, after the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, a period called Restauration, which upsets editors and spellchecks alike. The Restauration period covers the reigns of Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe, so 1814 to 1848. Napoleon's Empire precedes the Restauration, and it is followed by Napoleon III, initially  as President, then as Emperor from 1852-1870.

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