C1820 Georgian Regency Honduras Mahogany Open Armchair

$925.00 the classical armchair (HOLD PW)

Elegant and practical, this open armchair would be perfect for work at the desk, or for "striking an attitude" (1820s for Voguing!) at a social event. Based on classical Greek klismos chairs of 2.5 thousand years ago, the chair has sabre kegs and a bar back. The volute scroll scroll arms rest on a sphere. The Ancient Greeks would only have been confused about two things. The mahogany of this chair is from the New World, so they would be unfamiliar with the timber. Secondly, the upholstery of the ancient world was loose, including cushions, but nailed down upholstery is modern: Renaissance onwards. The drop is seat is saddle, that is, it is concave. We have left the original black horsehair at present out of respect. It can easily be recovered. The frame is glued and polished, and ready to find a new home.

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