C1820 Harlequin Regency Set of 10 Chairs (7+3)

$4,250.00 Harlequin set of of 10.

This hybrid group of 10 chairs is a set of seven C1820 English ones in mahogany ( single boss splat) and three C1840(?) Australian cedar ones (double boss splat). The Australian ones are a slightly different design in the splat. They are also undoubtedly later chairs, but still early 19th century construction. I have been aware when I used to live in Queensland of long sets of chairs where the English Georgian chairs were brought out to India as the family took lucrative civil service or military positions in the sub-continent, where the set of chairs was extended with Indian made Indian Rosewood copies. When the family retired to Australia (who can face the freezing drizzle of England after India?), the set of chairs was then extended again with Australian cedar copies, for the substantial colonial homestead. While clearly these Australian chairs are not later copies for this particular set, they may have been local additions for another English set, or may simply be from a complete Australian set. For the moment we are offering the group of ten, but the two sub groups will be available separately as well. All the chairs are upholstered ensuite, so they have been a blended family for a while.

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