C1825 Georgian Oil on Canvas Landscape with Sheep


Without the sheep (there are three) this could be a swirling and evocative J.M.W.Turner. Certainly the first half of the 19th century, probably late Georgian, this oil on canvas landscape is one of the many landscapes with animals painted throughout the 19th century. This Romantic Movement image celebrates the beauty of Nature, as usually perceived through the eyes of an urban dweller to whom the rural world appears idyllic.

The recent and complementary gilded frame is 65 cm by 75 cm.

Later in the century,  stags in misty Scottish highland settings were essential decorations for the city residences of wealthy businessmen. Their principal function was to suggest that the family's new industrial based wealth actually lay in ancient ancestral landholdings. New fortunes proliferated throughout the Industrial Revolutions, but prestige still remained with the landed aristocracy. Hunting became a major indicator of status in Victorian and Edwardian times, so if you could afford a "guns and dogs" estate in Scotland or not, paintings of any table animals were still socially essential.



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