C1830 Crested Sterling Silver Fiddle Pattern Forks.


We have three entree forks and three dinner forks, all from the same service and bearing the same crest. Makers and years are mixed. Entree forks are 16.5 cm long.  Dinner forks are 20 long.

At 90 grams the William IVth dinner fork dated London, 1833 (S), is by James Beebe.

Two dinner forks are 70 and 72 grams, dated London, 1828 are by Benjamin Davis.

One entree fork is 44 grams, dated London, 1827 is by William Chawner II.

Two entree forks are each 40 grams, dated London, 1824, by George Piercy.

Dinner forks $270 set of 3.   Entree forks $225 set 3.

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