C1830 French Oil on Canvas Painting 120 x 77 cm

$850.00 was $1250

This French oil painting is in the prevailing Troubadour Style of the "Restauration" of the Bourbon Monarchy, the restoration of the brothers of the martyred Louis XVI. The interest in Gothick and Medieval France was a timely and political focus. The Romantic Movement of the early 19th century cherished fantasies of a courtly, noble and Christian past: think Robyn Hood, King Arthur and Ivanhoe, the Waverly novels and Northangar Abbey. Christian piety was fashionable firstly because it offered serenity after the hurly burly of the anti-church Revolution, and secondly, because it reinforced the Divine Right of the Anointed French Kings. It was politic for Louis XVIII and Charles X to remind the populace of the Glories of France under the old monarchy. Gothick and Medievel imagery abounded in furniture, porcelain, metalwork and the Fine Arts. It is not my favourite style, but I find the little harpist resting near his horse a refreshing window onto an ideal forest such as Robin Hood might have inhabited.

The frame, though altered, is original.

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