C1830 Louis Philippe Vieux Paris Porcelain Topographical Bowl

$375.00 Souvenir of Royal France

This elegant footed bowl is Old Paris (Vieux Paris) porcelain, of the Restauration period, probably Louis Philippe, who reigned 1830 to 1848. He was the last of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's dynasty to rule France. He was fifth cousin to  Louis XVI, as well as XVIII and Charles X, both of whom immediately preceded him on the French throne. Substantial quantities of elegant porcelain was made in Paris by the 30 or so factories inside the city walls to replace the aristocratic losses of the French Revolution. Between 1830 and the bulldozing of Paris under Napoleon III, most factories moved their manufacturing to Limoges. Nevertheless, the decoration of such  porcelain continued within Paris. This handsome bowl has rich gilding in good condition, which includes two near rectangular reserves, each hand painted with a rustic landscape featuring a lone traveller and a two story building.The upper exterior of the bowl is a pale pink. The diameter is just shy of 20cm, and it stands 9.5 cm tall.

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