C1830 Louis Philippe Vieux Paris Porcelain Vase with Troubadour Style Scenes


This elegant Vieux Paris porcelain vase, still retains the typical classical Empire shape, but the painted scenes have already moved on to the next fashion, Romanticism, where the chivalrous Middle Ages/Renaissance was the focus of the fashionable world. The obverse shows a gentleman kneeling beside a lady, in the dark sombre tones typical of the period. The reverse shows a villa in a landscape. The Renaissance Revival mixed with Medievalism, was called the Troubadour Style in France. The gilding is unusually good on this piece. as the gilding on Vieux Paris porcelain tends to be fugitive: easily abraded off by the maid.

22.5 cm tall, and 14 cm from swan wingtip to wingtip.

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