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C1830 Palais Royale Garnesson Burr Elm Decanter Casket $950


C1830 Louis Philippe period Parisian burr elm casket retailed by Hyppolytus Garnesson of shop 155-156 in the Palais Royale. The father, Nicholas-Jacques Garnesson founded the shop what was then the most fashionable retail environment in the world, the Palais Royale, near the Louvre, where only a couple of shops remain. The Garnessons were suppliers to the Imperial and Bourbon courts. The son took over in 1824. The paper label is retained within.This fine decanter box retains one of its decanters, number 3, which has a chip and the wrong stopper. There is also a little raised veneer on the top. It is $950. A perfect and complete one is available from Walpole Antiques Uk, for GBP3,800 (about A$8,000)27cm by 19cm, and 22 cm tall. The four bottle box illustrated is in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in the Louvre Palace. The image shows the Palais Royale about 15 years before  the time the box was bought. An additional image shows the very shop as it is today: a clothing store.

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