C1830 Portrait of a Lady, Oil On Canvas, Original Frame.

$3,450.00 (SOLD BOB)

This wonderful portrait of a fashionable Lady of about 1830 clearly shows the big, puffy sleeves and exaggerated hairstyles of a decade noted for its eccentric fashions. This period is seldom shown in "Bonnet Dramas" but the film "The Young Victoria" shows the remarkable fashions of the 1830s, the strange period between the Georgian and Victorian periods. Melbourne was founded in the reign of William IVth, just as these wild fashions were in full catastrophe. Madam wears a gold chain as a bandeau, a Romantic reference to the fashions of the Renaissance. She also has long earrings, a long gold chain around her neck, and two gold brooches. The public at this time was quite fixated on the Medieval and Renaissance worlds, the style being called Troubadour in France. Sir Walter Scott's novel such a "Ivanhoe" were still very influential.

The gilt gesso on wood frame is original, and as eccentric as the sartorial fashions of the day.

63 cm wide and 73 cm deep.

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