C1830 Rose Cut Diamond Ring (1/2 Carat central stone)

$1,750.00 of magnificence!

The ring is in 14ct gold, and features a floret rim with 7 natural rose cut diamonds. The central rose cut diamond is a large 7 mm by 6 mm and weights approximately 0.5 ct. Rose cut diamonds are usually thin from top to bottom, so a large rose cut diamond is usually much less heavy than a brilliant cut of the same diameter. I suspect the band is more recent in the 19th century, while the top part of the ring may well have been a button for clothing, later converted. This was a common practice.

Note Bene. Rose cut stones are being cut from synthetic moissanite and laboratory made diamonds, and coated rose cuts have been in Turkey, at least, for decades. Coated would be where the thin top is diamond which has been laminated onto a larger base of CZ or or other clear stone.

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