C1831 Pair Signed and Dated Vieux Paris Rococo Vases

$925.00 the signed, dated Pair

These vases are typical of Vieux Paris (Old Paris) porcelain, and are marked underneath "Manoir de Vieiellevie-sir-Lot, Cantal" possibly the manor house for which these were made. Vieillevie is on the Lot river in Cantal, France. Each vase is signed J. Siquier and dated 1831. This would be right at the cutting edge of the Rococo Revival, following Neo-classiciasm. Presumably this is the same J. Siquier who signed a similarly painted tureen in 1830, and whose famous 1850s plates are painted with images of balloons, celebrating the beginning of manned flight in 1783 under Louis XVI.

21 cm weide and 34 cm tall.

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