C1835 Pair William IVth Mahogany Chairs

SOLD the racy pair

A delightful and charming pair of mahogany side chairs from the period of William IVth, the often forgotten monarch between the four Georges and the young Victoria. Much William IVth furniture is distinctive for its whimsical style. In terms of fashion the period of William IVth, 1830-1837, was the equivalent of the 1980s: big hair, accentuated shoulders and lots of shiny frou frou. This is expressed in the furniture also: many chairs have accentuated ends to the overscale bar back. These chairs still retain the small bar back between the stiles. Fortunately, the flamboyance of the age is restricted here to the crisply carved anthemion (honeysuckle) flowers in the splat, and the generous proportions. The bar back features an panel inlay of richly figured vertical mahogany, while the stiles finish with turned buttons on each side at the top. The cup and calf turned front legs hint at the erotic possibilities so thoroughly explored by the late Georgians before the Victorian age ostentatiously threw the pendulum the other way, at least in public life.

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