C1840 Jacob Petit Vieux Paris Porcelain Man

$395.00 (HOLD B)

Jacob Petit is traditionally included in the group of Vieux Paris porcelain makers, but he never actually made porceain within the walls of Paris*. he did have a showroom in Paris from 1834 and also had a decorating manufactory in Paris, but his porcelain was manufactured first at Belleville form 1830, and later at Fontainebleau from 1834. Born in 1796 as Jacob Mardochee, he travelled extensively (England, Switzerland, Italy and some of the german Countries) before returning to France. He is credited with introducing the Rococo Revival in 1834, pushing out the neoclassicism that had prevailed since Louis XVI. Regrettably, he was also the inventor of lace porcelain, where real lace or gauze is dipped in slurry and retains its shape as porcelain after firing. Thus he was inadvertently responsible for a million hideous 1950s ballerina figurines with lace tutus.

Our figure is 30 cm tall and in perfect condition.

*There are 2 million Parisians, who live inside the walls, now the Periferique. 10 million live outside Paris in the suburbs. It is like San Francisco, which has a population of only 800,000, but 6 million in total live in the Bay Area.

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