C1840 Vieux Paris (Old Paris) Porcelain Inkwell/Encrier, with Shells and Cherub


This Louis Philippe inkwell is in the form of a shell resting on a bed of smaller shells, in an hexagonal plinth. The larger shell is being supported by a cherub. It retains its original lid, which is probably quite rare. The mango colour is typically fashionable for the period, especially in combination with crimson (blue-red). So is the naturalism of the modelled shells. It is altogether a delightful piece of Vieux Paris porcelain.

The inkwell is 10 cm tall and 13 cm in length.


Ironically, if t you wish to study Vieux Paris porcelain, the best and most wide ranging collection is not in Paris but in the Art Gallery in New Orleans: a heritage of its being a French colony.

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