C1850 Pair Antebellum American Girandole Lustre Candlesticks

$975.00 the "Ant'bellum Pay-ah"

Several of these have sold recently at auction as French, for gratifyingly high prices. They are not. They are Antebellum American. I love them as every Old South plantation mansion has lots! I have bought most of ours in New Orleans and Savannah. This model girandole is called "Fisher Boy and Girl"in the Starr, Fellow and Company catalogue of 1856. The style of candle cups and the flower and bird lustre rings suggests Philadelphia or New York as place of manufacture. See "Nineteenth century Lighting" by H. Parrott Bacot, Schiffer, Penn. 1987. Marble, gilt brass, and cut glass.

13cm wide,  37cm tall and  8 cm deep.

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