C1850 Pair Ormolu (Gilt Bronze) Louis XVI style Candlesticks

$750.00 the lush pair

This pair of mid-19th century French candlesticks is heavy bronze, with worn gold plating forming a fine patina. Made about 1850, the pair is in the style of about 1770, Louis XVI. The detail is fine and the candlesticks retain their original bobeche or drip pans. 25 cm tall and 12.5 cm in diameter. The original threaded brass bass remains on one candlestick, while the other sports a machine turned steel bolt as a later repair. This is invisible except from underneath, so it is on academic interest only.

They were made during a period of swift political change. King Louis Philippe's reign did not survive the Year of the Revolutions: 1848. He was a Bourbon, descended form Louis XIII. However, the 2nd Republic was a short lived affair. Its president, Louis-Napoleon, launched a coup in 1851 and became Napoleon III, Emperor of the Second French Empire (a Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon I).

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