C1850 Pair Paris Walnut Fauteuil Armchairs


Just finished at the upholsterer's, this large and comfortable pair of 1850s walnut fauteuil has just been reglued (for your safety and comfort), repolished and reupholstered (this includes strong new jute webbing). The covering fabric is a typical 18th century style toile, beautifully pattern matched by the expert Carlo. We bought these chairs from a lady who bought them from Miguel Mirelles, long ago. They are very early in the Second Empire, the reign of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie (1852-1870). This was a period of great magnificence and style in France, as well as the time of the Grand Transformation of Paris, that made the present city we know and love today.

96 cm tall, 65 cm wide and 64 cm deep: generous and graceful.

We recently saw a pair of similar chairs this age at auction listed as 18th century (a mistake in description for which auctions are not legally accountable: read their small print.). It is an understandable mistake, given the high quality of the craftsmanship, the pegged joints, hand saw marks underneath (but not the RIGHT kind of saw marks), and the 18th century proportions. Hopefully no one bought them for an 18th century price. If so, their heirs will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, the chairs will be a good investment in that they will be useable for centuries.

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