C1850 Vieux Paris Porcelain Vase


The gilding on Old Paris porcelain is fugitive, and many a pieces is now quite bald, thanks to the efficient maids of France.This has less wear to the gilding than most. The applied flowers are in good condition, also a rarity. We are very fond of these wild, Rococo Revival vases, and affectionately call them "Lunatic vases". Some can be very elaborate and eccentric, indeed. This is practical for cut flowers, and stands 23 cm tall, and is 20 cm wide.

For those with an academic interest in Vieux Paris porcelain, I think the best exhibition is not in Paris, but in the Art Gallery in New Orleans, a little out of the well worn tourist path, but well worth a visit, by taximeter cabriole (easy) or by bus (tricky, and sometimes a bit scary!)

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