C1860 Hogarth’s “A Harlot’s Progress”. 6 Frames Engravings

$180.00 set of six

William Hogarth's "A Harlot's Progress" paintings were painted between 1731, and engraved in 1732. They are satirical works and were meant as the originals for engravings. Our series is from the book, " The Works off William Hogarth: in a series of one hundred and fifty engravings, by the first artists: with descriptions and a comment on their moral tendency: in two volumes. The books were published by E. T.Brain and Co, first in 1833 and then in 1860. We cannot ell which edition these steel engravings came form so we shall, as usual, be cautious and plump for 1860. The engravings are by Davenport, Stubbs, Walker, wright etc. ("The aforementioned first Artists". There is some foxing. Frames just shy of 37cm by 30cm.

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