C1870 Louis XIV style Baroque Gilt Wall Mirror with military trophies, flags, quivers and torches.

$2,650.00 rich in symbilism

This wonderful mirror is C1870s, and made in the style of the late 1600s, Louis XIV, the Sun King. The frame is pierced showing the aged mirror beneath. The sides feature military trophies while top and bottom centre there is a cupid's quiver and a torch: love and life. The corners are elaborate C scrolls. The cresting features a mask, flags and a quiver. Complex and grand, the whole is gilded with red bole just showing, giving a sombre and rich appearance. The mirror is showing the desirable even asterism (stars) that distinguishes the best old mirrors.

92 cm tall and 62 cm wide.

To understand the abandonment of the light elegant curvilinear Louis XV style of the middle of the 19th century and the rise of the fashion for the sombre, grand and impressive baroque styles watching the 1939 film "Gone With The Wind" is excellent:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dTsfsr6-X8 . One should watch it again anyway as it is such a remarkable film, in many ways. I did not understand its political message when I first read Margaret Mitchell's 1936 tome in the 1970s, but I now know much more about the "Jim Crow" horrors of Reconstruction. Life was even much, much worse for "freed" slaves in the south after emancipation than before. Without this perspective, one can see the book as an apologia for slavery, which it is definitely not. The top floor of the Cabildo museum in New Orleans has an excellent exhibit on the "war of Northern Aggression" and Reconstruction. It is not for the faint hearted!

Depending on which government body you consult, there are between 4000 and 15000 slaves in Australia today.

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