C1870 “Sevres” Hand Painted Plates.

$100.00 each plate (HOLD)

We have most of a dessert service hand painted about 1870 in Paris in the 18th century Sevres style, hence the inverted commas on "Sevres".

Ironically, the underglaze and overglaze Sevres marks on the bases seem to be genuine: apparently the porcelain plates were made at the Royal Factory and sold in the white, probably as seconds, to be painted by independent decorators. The plates are all dated from the 1850s and 1860s.

The hand painting imitates the style of Sevres of the 1750s. The central white reserve has a genre scene while the rim reserves are painted with flowers. Then ground colour is Bleu Celeste. Each of 8 plates is $100, available separately. Each plate is painted with a different scene of Court life.

22 cm diameter.

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