C1880 Imperial Russian Silver Charka (Vodka Nip) by Morozov


Standing 7.5 cm tall and 5 cm in diameter, this fine and heavy (88grams)  charka bears the retailer's mark of Morozov. Hallmarked for St Petersburg C1880 and 875 silver (marked 84). The maker's mark BK (VK in Latin) is known as a workmaster for Morozov, but his name has not yet been discovered.

The charka has a cypher on the front, which comprises a W and a B. The reverse has the Russian date "19  8/IV. 01",  8th April 1901, (21 April 1901 in England).https://www.arc.id.au/Calendar.html#

Ivan Morozov set up his business in St Petersburg in 1849, primarily as a retailer of outsourced works, although he was a excellent silversmith himself. The firm received the Imperial Warrant, to supply goods to the Court, and closed in 1917, naturally.

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