C1880 Silverplated Comport by Halphen, Paris.


Made by Halphen, this fine and very heavy silverplated comport is 20.5 cm tall and 24.5 cm in diameter. It is in pristine condition, and comes in two parts: the bowl is removable. Stamped on the rim of the base.

Founded in 1850 in Paris by Charles and Maurice Halphen, the firm was able to produce a silver-coloured base metal for silverplating. This had the advantage of not showing copper or brass when the silver wore away. Chroistofle needed this as it could only manufacture silverplated wares itself over copper or brass till 1878. Hence Christofle bought a sharehold of the Halphen company in 1853.  Much marked Christofle silverplate was actually designed and silverplated (and marked by) Christofle, but the pieces were manufactured by Halphen. These pieces are also marked Alfenide, the name of the base metal, a monopoly of Halphen.

In 1877 Charles as dead an the firm was run by his widow, who registered the goat's head stamp for the factory at 4, rue d'Hauteville, Paris, and commenced their own manufacture of finished silverplated items, in addition to the former production of flatware (spoons and forks). The economic viability of the company was shattered when Christofle opened a large competing factory in the suburb of St Denis. After an attempt to survive by issuing more shares it sank into bankruptcy in the 1880s.

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