C1887 Sterling Silver Christening Mug, Original Box

$225.00 Original Box

Hallmarked for Birmingham, 1887, this sterling silver christening mug is in pristine condition, having lived for almost all the last 132 years in its black leather and gilt box, which is lined with purple silk. The richly decorated sterling silver mug is brightly gilded inside. It weighs 78 grams and is 9 cm tall. The inscription reads " Presented to Edith Jane Elizabeth Tymms by her godfather Archibald Richard Tymms 6th October 1895". I discourage removing  old inscriptions, but if you must it can be removed and a new inscription, cypher, crest etc engraved in its place. It is rare to find such a pristine pice of silver with its original box.

Christening mugs hark back to the time infants drank small (low alcohol) beer rather than water. Beer was safe, while water was likely to kill the child. Now much of the world takes fresh, safe drinking water for granted. Advertisements remind us that this is not yet universal in the 21st century.

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