C1890 Oil Painted Portrait of Soldier in Uniform


This impressive painting is in its original frame. The oil painting is painted over a studio photographic portrait, one of the more practical forms of the interaction between photography and art*. Most people who own such things are unaware they have such a thrilling convergence of disciplines. The handsome young man looks splendid in his uniform, and we hope he returned form any engagements unscathed. Boer War?


*We only know this from our painting restorer: you cannot tell looking at the painting that it is over a photograph. When my mother was married in the 1950s she had to supply cuttings form the dress materials for the artist who tinted the black and white studio portrait into a coloured photograph. That was the Mid-Century Modern descendant of this oil painting over a studio portrait. Holman Hunt was a great user of photographs to inform his paintings.

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