C1900 Antique French Directoire Style Desk with Secretaries’ Slides


The Americans usefully call reproductions a made 100 years after the style first emerged "Centennials" . This antique French desk, or bureau plat,  is made in about 1900, 100 years after the Directoire period.(1792-1804). The Directoire is an umbrella term covering the periods just following the deposition of Louis XVI: the Republic, Directory and Consulate.It is a period of great unrest that sits between the reign of Louis XVI and that of the Emperor  Napoleon I. Characterised by modest decoration a but extreme elegance, the style had to be elegant enough for a sophisticated patronage, but distanced from the opulent style of the deposed royal court. After all, one did not want to be sent to the guillotine because one's furniture was too grand! The desk has a wonderfully waxed old, gold tooled leather top, probably original. There are three drawers and at each end there are leather topped secretaries' slides for when you run out of room, and need a bit extra. The only brass decoration is the sabot on the graceful turned legs and the three keyhole scutcheons. Has three keys.

75cm high,  130cm wide and  63cm deep. Genuine Directoire period furniture will measure neatly in Imperial, but French furniture during and after Napoleon will be in metric.

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