C1900 Fine Bronze Sculpture by Emile Carlier (1849-1927)of a seated man.

$2,250.00 the signed sculpture.

Emile Joseph Nestor Carlier (3 Jan1849- 11 Apr 1927) was a renowned French sculptor with a prestigious career leaving a wide variety of public and private works. His works are represented on and in about 30 museums, including in the Louvre.

Our bronze is remarkably heavy. Signed to the rear. It stands 35 cm tall. It shows a young man, seated, with a tablet in his hand. he was looking very grim and unattractive when he was bought at auction, wrongly described as cast iron. A magnet is a useful investment! He us looking very healthy and delicious now he has been carefully cleaned and vigorously waxed to a fine lustre and good patina. Small, three dimensional indestructible works of art are always an embellishment for any home.

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