C1900 Pair of Louis XV style Side Chairs, crafted traditionally.

$850.00 were $1250, the well worn pair

My auction receipt says these are "CIRCA 1790-1810", but, alas, that is not the case. Normally inspection would have shown the band saw marks, but with no viewings due to Covid, mistakes can easily be made. Fortunately, to a keen professional eye, their comparative youth was evident.*

The smart pair is delightfully proportioned and well made, using traditional mortise, tenon and pegged construction, used by the Ancient Egyptians, so it must be good. Being made to the 18th century recipe they are fine chairs, elegant, well carved and comfortable. The 18th century tradition of not covering the back of the chairs with show fabric (only seen by the staff), has been retained. The tangerine velvet upholstery is charmingly tired, but has a great deal of personality and would be much appreciated by aficionados of "The Well Worn Interior" promoted by the Neo-Georgians. In this case "Country House condition" has to be replaced by Chateau condition, I suppose. The upholstery structure is also traditional: no synthetic foams!

* The problem with incorrect auction descriptions is that they stay in the Internet and give false information: the Fake News of the antiques industry. Fortunately, a lay person did not buy these chairs, believing them to be 200 years old, as they would have been stuck with them. Auction houses, unlike shops, are not legally liable for their descriptions. They are frenzied places, and they theoretically do not own the products, so scholarship can be an understandable casualty.

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