C1900 Volkstadt Porcelain Equestrian Figure of Russia’s Empress Elisabeth I

$550.00 head restored

A fine porcelain equestrian figure of the Empress Elisabeth I  of Russia (1709-1762), originally modeled by J.J. Kaendler for Meissen C 1750, after the 1743 painting by Georg Christoph Grooth (1716-1749) which now reposes at the Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow. This example is a Volkstadt copy made about 1900. Alas, Like so many Royal and Imperial folk, Elisavetta Petrovna's head has been off, and is happily now restored. The Empress is attended by her Blackamoor, an exotic servant. In Western art people of African descent are usually shown in a supporting role to the subject of the portrait, but there were substantial numbers present, as slaves certainly, since their were abundant black and white slaves in the 18th century, but also as free servants, professionals, writers (Dumas) and social prominent musicians (Chevalier de Saint-Georges), fictional generals (Othello) and tradesfolk. Most European Royal Houses will have inherited some African genes, not just the British.  I have no doubt cabinetmakers, potters and silversmiths are to be found in their numbers. What an exciting avenue for exploration!

19 cm tall and 21 cm wide.

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