C1920 Gilt Brass Carriage Clock Mappin & Webb

$1,650.00 splendid condition

This perfect condition early 20th century timepiece carriage clock is French, retailed by the prestigeous British firm of Mappin and Webb, who trace their business to 1755 when they opened a silver firm, but in 1862 the junction of Mappin and Webb formed the company we know today. in 2015 the clock was completely overhauled and regilded to the highest standards by Canterbury Clocks for just shy of $1000 for its last owners. (The gold plating has often been worn off by badly trained and ignorant maids and housewives. Gold is an expensive material to replace.) They are called carriage clocks because you can carry them around, since they have a balance wheel. You cannot carry about a pendulum regulated clock. Nothing to do with horse drawn vehicles, alas!

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